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Brand awareness investigated through brand recall where the method 'top of mind' is used list your e favorite search engines. From figur seen that of respondents choosing the search engine google as a first priority when search engine is used as a guide. This is very high, some other search engines considerations, where results are as follows; yahoo obtained in of the cases and cubic in of cases. Account shall not be that google holds a large market dominance, the search engine market. It is surprising that neither local seo packages the search engines bing, alta vista and msn are present on this list, but can be a result of google's large market dominance. There were subsequently analyzed on the age distribution, in order to check whether this effect was the result.

It also appears that only of respondents chose another search engine besides first priority. There was the survey asked so why respondents did not choose multiple search engines by a predetermined number local business seo of search engines under. Of the respondents, answered that question, out of these, justified this with google's abilities as being better than the other. Only choose more than one search engine, which means that of respondents have tendencies to use only one search engine, and thus possess brand equity across a search engine. The results therefore confirm the large market dominance google has acquired. This may be due to the remaining search engines have not achieved 'top of mind'.

The survey also shows that a large proportion of the respondents had professional seo services very strong feelings for google, for example. Was shown with the following answers i do not need more-if google does not have the outcome, has now and statements like google is god. As is apparent from figures, and, one sees a clear trend in the existence of the brand awareness of the search engine market. Users select both google when users must select their favorite search engine, and when they need it in e-commerce contexts spontaneous response and top of mind. The questionnaire was further examined brand recognition across the various search engines, based on the search engine's logo and name. Here you see that a large proportion of respondents using the google search engine, but a different effect in the use of google was observed compared.
This exercise shows that the brand has an effect on users' attitude to search results, and that. Of respondents indicate influenced attitudes because of the search engine brand. It also appears that when respondents small business seo packages choose google as their favorite search engine, and thus have demonstrated brand equity across this search engine, justified this with factors such as reliability and usability. This can be used for new brands benefit as respondents showed an energetic compared to google and the answer that they see search engine as dependable. This assigns the to the search result, the logic to search results generated at the top, and the choice of google as being the most relevant, may actually be the most relevant.more answers for the reasons for favorite search engine is obtained through care scheme investigation. It also shows that several of these are properties that can be see more transferred on the search results themselves, either directly or indirectly.